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Standing Tall in Mexico City

by planetnomad on September 28, 2011

Not considered one of Mexico City’s most architecturally-appealing buildings, Torre Latinoamericana still is considered iconic and a symbol of achievement in Mexican engineering. Its 44 stories have pierced the skies above the Capital city since 1956 and lend every tourist and local alike, an aid in orientation from all parts of the metropolis.

Fixed at the corner of Avenida Madero and the Eje Central, this building, designed and constructed by Dr. Leonardo Zeevaert, has withstood two large earthquakes, one in 1957, the other in 1985.

Though its name comes from “La Latinoamericana”, the insurance company which built it, numerous floors are leased out to other businesses and entities while some levels offer tourists some great vantage points as well as insightful windows into the city’s past.

On the 37th floor, tourists can enjoy a drink or snack at the cafeteria or take home a keepsake from that level’s souvenir shop.  Going up a floor to the 38th, those interested in learning about the city’s history can glance at the numerous archived photos showing its growth over the decades.

Of course the highlight of visiting this relic of the past is still found on the 42nd floor. Here, otherwise known as “El Mirador”, or the view, one can easily spend some time picking out some favorite landmarks. If looking to the north and almost at the foot of the building, one can spot El Palacio de Bellas Artes. Or, if gazing out to the east, the grand and monumental presence of the Cathedral comes into focus.

Whatever one’s interest in this dated, yet iconic element to the skyline of Mexico City, one thing’s for sure; it’s worth a trip, if just to witness an enduring achievement in Mexico’s seismic engineering.


Hours: Open every day from 9am-10pm

Entrance fees: Adults- $60   Children- $40 (in pesos)


I am a contributing writer for the Mexico Today Project, which, along with Marca País – Imagen de México “ is a joint public and private sector initiative designed to help promote Mexico as a global business partner and an unrivaled tourist destination.”

Disclaimer:  **Please note that I am being compensated for participation in this project and for attending its launch in Oaxaca. Also note that all posts and written contributions by me will be expressed in an unbiased form with all opinions reflecting my own.

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Berniemack HabagatCentral November 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm

That building is indeed iconic. The first to rascacielo (skyscraper) after World War 2 that defined Latin American economy.
Its a good thing that even though I haven’t been to Mexico City, I have a glimpse of seeing the whole thing through this one,
Wishing to see it personally sometime soon.

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