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Some Places of Interest in Aguascalientes

by planetnomad on September 29, 2011

Known more for putting on one of the largest and longest festivals in the whole country, the city of Aguascalientes, which shares its name with its state, has several notable spots wherein to enjoy and absorb the richness of the Mexican culture. Here’s a rundown on a few sights worthy of a visit.

  • Plaza de la Patria: The main square situated at the corner of Cinco de Mayo and Madero Streets provides plenty of great surrounding monuments such as the main cathedral and the Government Palace. This is also a great place to take in the “local” vibe and enjoy some people watching in a relaxed setting.

Plaza de la Patria with Cathedral in the background

  • Main Cathedral: Better known as “Catedral Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción”, this Baroque beauty, awash in cantera rosa, has remained fixed at the western edge of Plaza de la Patria since 1738.
  • Palacio del Gobierno: On the south end of Plaza de la Patria sits this colonial monument which now houses the state government offices for the state of Aguascalientes. It has served several functions over the years, but is now open to the public and features a grand courtyard with numerous arches and murals painted by one of Diego Rivera’s protégés, Chilean muralist, Osvaldo Barra.

Arches in the courtyard of the Palacio del Gobierno

Mural in the Palacio del Gobierno by Chilean artist, Osvaldo Barra

  • Plaza de Toros Monumental: The great bullring which plays host to numerous bullfights during the popular Spring Festival of San Marcos, it occupies a special place in the heart and soul of many Mexicans.

Crowd inside the Plaza de Toros Monumental

  • San Marcos District: Originally founded by an indigenous group in 1611, this neighborhood features several restaurants, bars and locations which play prominent roles during the Feria de San Marcos.  The bullring, El Palenque and the Teatro Victor Sandoval are all located in this area.


Isla San Marcos

Museo de los Muertos

Museo de Aguascalientes

Museo del Ferrocarril

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