An invaluable reward of travel is the opportunity for cultural immersion in the host country.  Beyond the UNESCO sights, the culinary samplings and the stunning geography, there is always the most treasured of all- the people who make up a place!

Travel extends beyond a mere “destination” and becomes a richer experience when we engage, share and exchange ideas with our hosts.  This is what adds color and value to our lives on the road.

In Mexico, the mosaic of people who live within its borders is diverse and culturally complex.  In this section of the site, this complexity will be “unmasked” and people from all walks of life, ranging from shopkeepers, musicians, artists, to working professionals will be featured in brief interviews.

And let’s remember this quote from Henry Miller when we are in the midst of our travels and fully engaged with the local people, because it is only through engagement and trading ideas with our hosts that we will come away with an expanded view of the world around us!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller


03.23.12 – Juan Antonio Cabrera Lopez – Serving up a Delicacy with British Origins in Pachuca

02.07.12 – Roberto Shimizu – Toy Collector Extraordinaire, Visionary and Historian

09.29.11 – “Chicolin” – Lifting Spirits with Laughter

08.03.11 – Arnulfo Ysidro & Carlos Gutierrez – Mexico City’s Roving Sounds of the Past

06.17.11 – Norma Lizeth Hernandez – Working Amidst the Chaos:  A Policewoman in Mexico City

05.18.11 – Maria de Lourdes Benitez – Spices, Dried Fish & More at La Merced in Mexico City

01.12.11 – Samuel Rodriguez – A Craftsman Whose Work Goes To Pieces

12.06.10 – Carmela Alegre – Sweet Times in Morelia, Michoacán