Mexican masks on display in Mexico City

Quick thanks for stopping by my site!  Let me briefly mention the inspiration for starting this site and how I came up with the name.  First, I am a Mexico enthusiast with a passion for its history, food, geography and most importantly, its diversity of culture and great people.

My first time stepping across the border was during my youth while growing up in South Texas and going to Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros to visit relatives and friends.  These trips were pretty meaningless to me at the time and only meant an exhausting four-hour road trip from San Antonio and sometimes in the dreadfully hot, Texas summer.  Ouch!!  Not very pleasant to say the least.  The only thing I aimed to get out of those trips, quite frankly, was the candy and trinkets we would tote back afterwards.  Now, I still love the candy and trinkets, but I have had the great fortune of traveling extensively throughout Mexico and have become enamored with the country and am always looking forward to my next trip.

Now, about “Mexico Unmasked”.  My love for alliteration is one of the keys to coming up with the name.  But, more importantly, I am trying to play up on the metaphorical sense of a country still cloaked in mystery to many and in desperate need of being “revealed”.  This mystery is apparent to me from a quick scan of the headlines and general negative comments people blatantly make without allowing themselves to know the “real” Mexico.

Here’s where I come in.  I will never pretend to be an expert on Mexico;  no one can be really.  But, I will attempt to share as much about it as I possibly can through this website.  And through this, I hope a better understanding of this great country with so much rich history and a people of proud roots comes to light.   I encourage any comments or knowledge you may want to share.  Thanks again for visiting!

Arriba México!

Mark Mendiola Guerra